M. Khalid Sharif

Education plays the role of a soul in a society which transfers from one generation to other generation. Our foremost mission is to promote quality education. We don’t intend to produce bookworms who run after success, but we desire them to perform very well in all fields of life in future and success should wait at their thresholds. God be praised, our hardworking and eligible teachers are performing this sacred job very beautifully. As a result not only we have performed very well in the past years, but we are still galloping from good to better and better to the best. I am sure that our this very effort will bear fruit and these kids will become big guns of our society. God willing.

An educational institution is like an abalone where a kid is sent to become a pearl. This oyster not only protects him, but also makes him shine and glow forever. No doubt OGS is also performing the role of an abalone for the kids of its vicinity. It’s my earnest and warmest desire to see this institution making progress by leaps and bounds. It will not be an alien idea to ball-point that to educate a child is similar to clapping. Both parents and teachers can perform this role equally and effectively. So, OGS’s progress is based on both hands i.e parents and teachers. If it happens, the future years will no doubt sing the songs of its glory. God Willing.